Our Company at a Glance

Our Key Solution Benefits

  • General 1-2 day Entity Creation

  • Technical Advice

  • Tax planning

  • Free IRS & State Document Reviews

  • Fax, email, or overnight tax documents for preparation

  • Current and two prior year E-Filings available at no cost

  • Documents - Upload via secured client portal, overnight, email or fax tax documents for preparation.

Tax Recovery Service, Inc.

Here at Tax  Recovery Service, Inc., we are dedicated to you and all your different accounting needs.

We've been around informally for over 30 years and formally since 2019. We are most concerned for the welfare of our clients yet. We remain aware of obligations to the IRS and respective States. Our aim is to have you keep a healthy relationship with all governing agencies.

Knowledge Base

Choosing Your Salary Level
Once your entity is created, we help you figure out how to determine your own salary level for your business, and we partner with a payroll service that will guarantee timely filings of your company's Federal and State employee tax forms.

Some of the Benefits You Will Enjoy Include:

  • Tax planning

  • Document Review

  • State Licensed preparers

  • Correspondence response

  • 1-2 day company formation

  • IRS PTIN Registered Tax Return Preparers

  • Confidential record-keeping and anti-disclosure policies

  • A no-obligation discussion about your business requirements.

  • A Tax Preparation and bookkeeping practice with over 25 years experience